This past weekend my husband, stepson, and I went on an overnight trip to Washington, DC. Being the food lovers we are (and both of us are willing to try just about anything….ask me about our experience in Spain if you’re interested!), one of our favorite things to do when we travel is experience new restaurants, particularly when we can get small portions so we can try more things. So, walking around Chinatown Saturday evening, we were particularly intrigued by Zengo and the amazing menu they had. Tapas, sushi, ceviche, and mojitos? Yes, please.

I think it was the first time we took more than a few minutes to decide what we wanted to order from the menu. We honestly could not decide. We started off with their signature mojito that has cucumber in it and was the third best mojito I’ve ever had (first being in Spain, second being my husband’s). And I love mojitos. I’ll be commissioning my husband to try out this cucumber mojito recipe for you and have it posted soon!

We tried the xo style edamame, salt and pepper soft shell crab tacos, charred tuna wonton tacos, angry zengo roll, and lobster roll. All were absolutely amazing, so there’s no way for me to tell you what my favorite was. If you’re in the DC area (and I think they have some locations in California, too) you should definitely make a point to stop by here!

It’s probably a good thing there isn’t one here at home because I would be going every. single. night.

Oh, and by the way. I had planned on taking all sorts of yummy photos for you. But I dug in and completely forgot. Guess I need to go back to get some photos soon?

Image courtesy of Los Angeles Times